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Spring into Patient Education with April’s New Echo Videos


Do you and your staff spend valuable time repeating the same messages all day long? When you only have 6 minutes of face-to-face time with your patients, it’s hard to make sure you cover what’s most important.

This month, the content team has created videos that explain common topics so your patients arrive ready and informed — letting you focus on your patients, not your watch.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No, we’re not talking about tax season. It’s when your patients are due for their exam! Use our “It’s Time for Your Exam!” vignette to send to your patients when they need to schedule their appointment.

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Best for:  Sending to patients via email, text message, or patient portal.

No More No-Shows

When patients miss scheduled appointments, it costs you money. Did you know that appointment reminders can cut your no-show rate in half? Make sure your patients arrive on time and prepared for their appointment with our new “Upcoming Appointment Reminder” video.

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We recommend: Sending to patients a few days before their appointment via email, text message, or patient portal.

Improve Reactions to Refraction

Imagine if your patients arrived in your exam lane, poised and ready to answer “one” or “two.” Picture your staff saving time explaining to patients what their “refraction test” on their bill was for — because they already know! Our “What is a Refraction Test?” video can help prep your patients so they’ll be ready for anything…well, at least ready phoropter.

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We think you’d like it for: pre-appointment emails and waiting room playlist.

Do your TMJ patients need a little TLC?

Explaining TMJ is almost as hard as saying “temporomandibular” five times fast. When you first tell your patients that the headache they’re experiencing is actually coming from their jaw, they might look at you like you’re crazy. But not anymore with our “Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction” narrative! We’ll help you show the anatomy and give your patients some tips for relief.

Special thanks to Dr. Rajiv Pandit from Dallas ENT for providing his expertise on this topic.

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Best for: Talking to patients chairside (check out our unnarrated anatomical clip) or emailing home to patients post-visit.

Make sure your patients hear about this

Listen up! Even when someone has a small amount of hearing loss, they might not realize its impact. In our “Early Hearing Loss” vignette, we describe subtle sounds that truly enrich life, and how people with hearing loss might be missing out.

If this message resonates with patients, it may inspire them to seek out a hearing professional.

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We recommend: Posting to social media or adding to your waiting room playlist.

Managing Expectations for Aberrometry

We heard from multiple customers that our aberrometry video, called “In Surgery Measurements”, might have overpromised a bit. Well, we revisited our script, and the video now helps you manage your patients’ expectations of their surgical outcome while still conveying the cutting-edge benefits of aberrometry.

We are grateful to Dr. William Richheimer of Mile High Corneal Specialists for helping us with this piece.

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Use it for: Pre-appointment emails or chairside surgical consultations

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