Boost Compliance With July’s New Echo Videos


Patient compliance is key to keeping patients healthy and to your practice’s bottom line. Those patients who follow instructions follow through with procedures and stay healthier. But how can you improve patient compliance?

First, make sure your patients understand what their next steps are after they leave your office. Also, make sure you send your patients home with information that they can go back and reference if they need a refresher. People retain six times more information if they see and hear something versus only hearing, so use visuals to explain your message effectively.

July’s new Echo content will help you educate and motivate your patients — and will help them retain what you said — so you can provide the best care even after patients leave your office.

Eliminate patients’ peril with videos about sclerals

As promised with last month’s contact lens package, new videos about scleral lenses are finally here!

First up is an overview of scleral lenses in the narrative, “Scleral Contact Lenses.” Dr. Thomas Arnold of Today’s Vision Sugar Land helped us explain how these contacts can benefit patients who have difficulty wearing other types of contacts.

Recommended for: the waiting area or emailing home (combined with the insertion and removal video below)



Additionally, we learned from experts like Dr. Linda Kleinhenz of Eye Care for You that patients might find applying and removing scleral contacts to be a little tricky or intimidating. That’s why we filmed, “Scleral Contact Lens Insertion and Removal”: step-by-step instructions that your patients can watch during their visit or anytime while at home.

We suggest: playing this in the contact lens fitting area of your practice or emailing home



Flex your Demodex

There are few things that motivate patients more than the creepy crawlies. Our new “Demodex” video will help you explain how mites in patients’ eyelashes could be causing their lid problems. Hello, compliance.

Thanks to Dr. Walter Egenmaier of EyeCare Consultants and Dr. Rob Szeliga of Spring Hill Eyecare for lending their expertise on this topic.

Use it for: Chair-side conversations and emailing home to patients after their visit



Eye drops refresher

While filming our live action scleral lens footage, we also decided to capture new footage for one of our most popular videos, “How to Apply Eye Drops.” Whether you are prescribing drops for dry eye, glaucoma, or corneal abrasion, you can share this email with your patients so that they can view the proper technique from the comfort of their own home.

Best for: Emailing home to patients or showing chair-side



For better care, help patients prepare

Ensure patients leave your office satisfied and with a clear understanding by showing them, “Prepare for Your Appointment.” The video encourages compliance with tips like: bring a pen and paper to write down instructions.

Use it for: Emailing pre-appointment or posting on social media



They say that hindsight’s 20/20

…but does anyone actually know what 20/20 vision means? We made a fun vignette called, “What Does 20/20 Vision Mean?” that explains it.

Recommended for: posting on social media and adding to your waiting room playlist


We’d love to know what your patients say about our videos. Please share your stories with us at [email protected]!

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