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Articulate your recommendations with our interactive tools

Sometimes a Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words

Interactive patient education software helps you and your patients communicate. Show patients anatomical details, disease progression, and treatment options in the exam room or during a telehealth consultation.

Whether you are a high volume provider or able to dedicate significant time with each patient, Rendia’s tools fit your workflow and communication style.


Patients are 6x as likely to understand patient education materials when pictures are added to text vs. text alone

Source: Health Lit WP

Dr. Lance Kugler

Success Story

Rendia helped Kugler Vision build rapport in telemedicine appointments, increasing surgical conversions by 10%

“If you can prove to patients that you understand what they’re seeing, then they’re going to trust you to fix it.”

Dr. Lance Kugler, Kugler Vision

Set the stage with video before you enter the room

Patients and caregivers benefit from explainer videos while waiting for a provider or during other downtime. Set up videos to auto-play on any screen, so that by the time you walk into the room, you can count on your patients having baseline knowledge for their visit.

  • Standardize communication and ensure every patient receives needed education. Time spent watching videos is time saved with the provider
  • Unwind patient confusion, whether it’s from online research or a referring provider, by having patients watch explainer videos before you enter
  • Explain test and treatment options, especially those with an out-of-pocket costs, so patients know what to expect and can make informed decisions

Choreograph visuals with your digital sketchpad

Our interactive anatomy tool will streamline and improve your patient conversations, whether they’re in-person or via telehealth.

  • Choose from over 150 functions, conditions and treatments in our easy-to-use web interface and iPad app
  • Add shortcuts for quick access to common treatments and procedures you offer within your practice
  • Engage with patients directly during chairside and virtual exams with our built in drawing tool

Simulate visual outcomes

Despite your best efforts, most patients are uncertain about how much their vision will improve until they actually undergo cataract or refractive surgery. Outcome Simulator (for eyecare) changes the patient experience by letting patients test-drive post-surgical vision in a realistic way.

  • Simulate the patient’s current unaided vision alongside possible treatments, helping them envision what they might experience.
  • Customize treatment options to reflect your armamentarium and show the brands and terminology you use. You can even tailor results to each patient
  • Set realistic expectations and test the patient’s tolerance for dysphotopsia. Show patients how bright lights at night might present or how their phone screen will look with different treatments

Watch our 3-minute tutorial

Now’s the time to give your virtual consultations a face-to-face feel. Make telehealth appointments educational, engaging and efficient.

“Being able to quickly give them a tour of an eye to clear up some simple misconceptions leaps the conversation forward and personalizes their eye experience whether they are completely healthy, have advanced disease are 5 or are 100. The Exam Mode has done all that, and it’s been awesome to use.”

-Dr. Joseph Deering, Winchester Optical Inc.