Patient Acquisition

Amplify your web presence to bring new patients to your door

Distinguish Your Practice

Every practice has a website, but does yours function as an engine for practice growth or a digital brochure? 

Potential patients are compelled to book appointments after reviewing relevant health information. Your website cannot simply explain why you’re the best practice, you must also articulate why seeking care is so important.


72% of patients research providers online before booking an appointment.

-Source: Healthcare Innovation

Embed Rendia videos strategically throughout your website

With an excess of medical information available online, patients are increasingly looking to providers for trustworthy information. Are you meeting the need?


  • Help potential patients understand what sets your practice apart—from your equipment investments to wide treatment options.
  • Refresh your videos with clicks, not code. Rendia’s Embed Manager allows clinicians and marketing staff to update video content without relying on technical resources.
  • Leverage our library as a curated source for social media messages, blog posts and email newsletters. Broader online engagement leads to better search performance and more new patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer different subscriptions?

A: Yes! We offer three introductory packages that are designed to tackle one single area of your practice as well as a complete subscription. Our Account Managers will help you find the perfect package for you.

Is it possible to have Rendia videos on my website?

A: Yes! Rendia makes it easy for you to add videos to your practice website with our Embed Manager. With just a few clicks, your site can be converting more patients and ranking higher in SEO.

Can you make recommendations to improve my website?

A: Yes! Your Customer Success Manager can review your existing website and make specific video recommendations. During this process our goal is to help optimize and work with your existing site.

Is it possible to post Rendia videos to my social media?

A: Yes! Share Rendia videos to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to promote your practice and get the attention of new patients.

Mark Rosenberg

“Directly driving revenue in this way is probably the most rewarding use of Rendia for us.”

Mark Rosenberg, Former CEO, Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center

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