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Your patients depend on you to explain complex medical topics in ways that make sense. In fact, patients rank provider communication as the most important aspect when evaluating quality of medical care. Fortunately, the Eyemaginations content team created new videos this May to help you explain even the most complicated topics.

Convey Benefits of Refractive Lens Exchange

If you want to extol the benefits of lens replacement surgery to your patients, you need a crisp, clear message. By popular demand, we’ve updated our “Refractive Lens Exchange” video to have a fresh look and feel. It now features more diverse patients, and references side effects and Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome.

Best for: Posting on your website or sharing chairside

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Give Your Patients Clarity With YAG

Just because your patients’ capsular bag may be cloudy, it doesn’t mean your explanation has to be. Give your patients clarity — both visually and mentally — by using our revamped “YAG Laser Capsulotomy” video. The animation now explains the capsule in greater detail, and the video isn’t limited to cataract surgery anymore.

Special thanks to Dr. Trevor Woodhams of Woodhams Eye Clinic for providing assistance with this piece.

Use it for: Chairside surgical consultations for informed consent or emailing home

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Useful Eustachian Tube Explanation

Feel like your patients aren’t hearing you? It’s hard to say whether it’s a blocked Eustachian tube or if they’re just confused. Thankfully, our “Eustachian Tube Dysfunction” video can help fix both. Our animation demonstrates where the tube is located and some simple treatments.

Dr. Rajiv Pandit of Dallas ENT was kind enough to provide his expertise on this topic.

Recommended for: Explaining to patients chairside or emailing home post-visit

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Expand Your Patients’ Knowledge…and Their Pupils

Patients frequently get their pupils dilated, but what do they really want to know about it? It turns out, patients are much more interested in whether they can drive home or use their smartphone after dilation, rather than a list of conditions their doctor might detect. We cover it all in our new video, “What to Expect from Pupil Dilation.”

We recommend: Emailing to patients before their appointment or including on your website

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Why so Serous? Central Serous Retinopathy

Sometimes the hardest conditions to explain are those that do not have a clear-cut cause or treatment. That’s why we created a video on “Central Serous Retinopathy” — so that your patients can visualize the anatomy and corresponding diagnostic tests, but also understand that treatments vary.

Special thanks to Dr. Krishna Mukkamala of Georgia Retina for providing his expertise on this piece.

Use it for: Chairside explanations or post-appointment emails

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Contact Compliance

Give your patients a tip: have them set a repeating reminder to replace their contacts! Our new vignette, “Set a Reminder to Change Your Contact Lenses” can set your patients up for compliance even before they leave your office.

We think you’d like it in: Your waiting room playlist or your social media posts

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