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Efficient Patient Engagement for the Modern Practice

Rendia was founded by an optometrist, Dr. Steven Sopher, who felt frustrated with outdated tools and models. Dr. Sopher launched Rendia in 2000 with the mission to help fellow health providers distill complex information to patients through technology. Whether you need to provide general education, improve surgical consults or promote ancillary services, Rendia helps your patients connect the dots and seek care from you.

Video Preview

Trifocal IOL Overview

Our trifocal IOL video is part of a multi-year collaboration with Dr. David Chang designed to educate patients on advanced IOL options while properly managing expectations.

What to Know Before Buying Glasses Online Experience

Are you losing patients to online retailers? This video is geared toward Millennial and Gen Z patients and explains that if order online, they may be missing out on comfort and clarity.

Interactive Anatomy Tools

Exam Mode

Streamline the conversations you’re having and increase patient understanding by using Rendia’s unique digital eye model. Explain how light travels through the eye, show how glaucoma steals sight, or why a YAG capsulotomy might be needed after cataract surgery. Exam Mode provides the visuals needed to grasp any concept.

Watch a Three-Minute Demo

Industry leader, Dr. Paul Karpecki, breaks down how he counsels glaucoma patients using Exam Mode.

Outcome Simulator

Cataract and refractive patients have higher expectations, and more questions, than ever before. Outcome Simulator lets patients test-drive their treatment options to create patient confidence, manage expectations, and make consultations run efficiently.

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How to Build a Strong Online Brand: The Doctor’s Guide to the Internet

“I’ve seen an increase in how engaged my patients are. Now that we play Rendia videos on our exam room computers, more and more patients ask me about our services and make comments like, ‘I should have cataract surgery’.

I use their Outcome Simulator tool for all of my cataract and refractive surgery consultations to simulate unaided vision and possible treatment options to help patients make the best decision. With just one converted patient, I’ve already seen a return on my investment in Rendia.”

Dr. Edward Meier, Cincinnati Eye Institute