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Engage Patients With March’s New Echo Videos


According to NIH studies, patients forget more than 50 percent of what you tell them in an office visit. Don’t worry — the Eyemaginations content development team has you covered. We’ve listened to our customers for important topics you need to share with your patients. Here are this month’s new Echo videos and our recommendations for making your message stick.

Have your sights set on increasing premium lens and frames sales? Get your patients in the right frames…of mind

For the patient who spares no expense for the latest smartphone, but is still wearing the same pair of outdated glasses, try our “Eyeglasses (Smartphone)” vignette.

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For the trendy woman who is always well put-together, make sure she’s thinking about her most important accessory: her glasses! Take a look at our “Eyeglasses as Accessories for the Fashionista” vignette.

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For the distinguished gentleman who needs a refined pair of glasses to complete the look, check out our “Glasses for the Distinguished Gentleman” vignette.

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Best for: Adding to your waiting room playlist or sharing on social media

Ensure a sweet recovery for your pediatric patients with our “Tonsillectomy: Post-Op” video

Ease parents’ worries with our new “Tonsillectomy: Post-Op” video. Make sure patients and their caretakers know what to expect after the pediatric procedure (hint: a lot of popsicles).

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Special thanks from Dr. MaryFrances Musso of Texas Children’s Hospital for providing guidance on this piece.

Great for: Sharing during pre-op appointments, emailing home pre or post-visit, or putting on your website

Prescribe a healthy wallet to your patients

Do your patients know that prescription drug prices can vary from store to store? Show your patients how much you value them by helping them save money. Share our new “Compare Prescription Drug Prices” video!

When your patients save money, you gain a valuable reputation.

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We recommend: Posting to your social media page or adding to your waiting room playlist

Breathe a sigh of relief: our “Nasal Irrigation” video is here!

Many of your patients with allergies or sinusitis may have seen or heard about neti pots or other sinus rinse products, but they may be afraid to try them, or aren’t using them correctly. Our “Nasal Irrigation” video explains what’s going on during the procedure, and then explains the steps to safely and effectively irrigate the sinuses.

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Recommended for: Embedding on your website or emailing home to patients after their visit

When sinusitis goes viral, so does your practice

Do your patients know how common sinusitis is? Post our sinusitis vignette on your practice’s social media page. Your patients can watch it and share with their friend who keeps asking for tissues —  an instant referral for you! Or, while patients are waiting during their appointment, use that opportunity to teach them a bit about sinusitis and how your practice can help them.

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Use it for: Sharing on social media, or add it to your waiting room playlist

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