Send patients home with customized videos to help them retain information

Increase Adherence and Improve Outcomes

Send your patients home with educational materials to reinforce your recommendations and ensure they retain the most important information. Customized videos can be sent automatically via email or your patient portal.


Only one fourth of patients understood their discharge instructions.

-Source: Medscape

Bring ease and clarity to patient education

Giving patients a narrated, visual recap of their visit sets them up for success.


  • Deliver pre- and post-op instructions to avoid miscommunication and confusion.
  • Provide information for patients to share with family and other caregivers, so everyone is on the same page about the next steps.
  • Show patients how much you care about them – boosting their confidence, reducing anxiety, and improving satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I email or text my patients videos after their appointment?

A: Patients forget up to half the information shared in the doctor’s office by the time they leave the parking lot. Sending narrated explainer videos home helps patients recall important information and opt for treatment – not to mention it saves staff time answering follow-up questions. Some practices have reported decreasing follow-up calls by two thirds.

Can Rendia tell me how many views the videos are receiving?

A: Yes! Once logged into your Rendia account, you can access your stats dashboard at any time. Track your video plays, top shared content, embed content engagement and more! Reach out to an Account Manager to see Rendia stats in action!