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Medicine is constantly changing — from the latest diagnostic technology, to the refinement of surgical techniques — all with the goal of improving patient care. In order to create cutting-edge content that helps doctors and staff communicate with their patients, we’re always evaluating ways to make our content more relevant.

A benefit of providing internet-based software is that the moment we update a video, it’s available instantly to customers across the globe. This gives us the flexibility to provide current and timely content allowing our product to evolve alongside our customers.

This October, we have a mix of updates along with new seasonal content that you can use to urge patients to schedule routine exams, explain thyroid procedures, and engage patients while they wait.

Don’t let patients be blindsided by glaucoma

Early detection of glaucoma through comprehensive eye exams is crucial for patients at risk. In order to motivate patients to act – especially when early vision loss may be barely noticeable – we created, “What Does a Person with Glaucoma See?” to show what the world looks like through the eyes of someone with glaucoma.

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Additionally, based on customer feedback, we’ve updated the glaucoma point-of-view shots across the Echo library to more accurately represent vision loss due to glaucoma. We’ve also revamped the people featured in these videos to reflect the diversity of people living with glaucoma.

Thyroid procedures get an update

Recently, the AAO-HNS Endocrine Surgery Committee recommended some changes to our videos about thyroid procedures. For example, we’ve made the incision size smaller to avoid frightening patients, and we added “Thyroidectomy: Post Operative (no drain)” for surgeons who do not routinely use drains in their surgeries.

Recommended for: emailing home to patients or for surgical consultations


Caution: Creepy costume contacts

We’ve heard the frightful stories of people who wore decorative contact lenses without a prescription, and ended up with nasty infections or permanently damaging their eyes. This Halloween, we use a bit of fear to educate patients about the frightful consequences of wearing non-prescribed contact lenses with our latest vignette, “Scary Contacts, Scary Consequences.”

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Get ready for November: it’s National Diabetes Month

It’s especially important for your diabetic patients to have routine eye exams for early detection of conditions like diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. Make sure your diabetic patients understand why attending their visit is so important with, “Importance of Routine Eye Exams for Diabetics.”

We appreciate the help of Christina Curran of Tidewater Eye Centers for suggesting this video.

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En-LIGHT-en your patients

While your patients are waiting, they can learn which animals have super vision. Show them our newest vignette, “Trivia: Full-Spectrum Vision,” which encourages patients to ask your staff about UV protection.

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Do your patients space out?

Bring patients back to Earth with this space-based trivia question! “Hottest Planet In Solar System” is fun for kids and adults alike.

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Want to be involved in the creation of new videos? Submit an animation request via our content request form.

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