Waiting Room

Educate and entertain your patients to set them up for a successful outcome

Make your waiting room work for you

If your waiting room TV is turned off or, worse, playing a home renovation show, you’re missing your best opportunity to inform and motivate your patients at the point of care.

Rendia lets patients know what to expect, unwinds misconceptions, and motivates patients with action-oriented health messages. Our library includes explainer videos on conditions, tests, and treatments. Add captivating optical illusions, trivia & games, and you’re sure to keep patients watching.


20% of patients are proactively seeking health information in the doctor’s waiting room.

Use your wait time to the patient’s advantage

The waiting room can become a bottleneck, leaving patients annoyed before they’ve even met their provider. While you can’t shorten the wait time, you can change patients’ perception of the time by keeping them engaged and thinking about the visit, questions, and goals.


  • Promote your full range of offerings and encourage patients to seek additional care
  • Customize your waiting room TV with Rendia videos and your own content, like provider introductions and patient testimonials, to tell your practice’s story
  • Rendia includes 1,000+ videos to educate patients of all health literacy levels and entertain people of all ages

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rendia content available in different languages?

A: Yes! All Rendia narrated videos include closed captions in English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. Some audio in narrated videos can also be configured to play in English, U.K. English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German.

Can I upload my own videos to Rendia?

A: Yes! Adding your own recorded content or vendor commercials is easy to do in our “Uploads” section and helps showcase your providers and practice.

What hardware do I need for Rendia to work?

A: Good news! You likely already have what you need to use Rendia in your practice. The software works on Internet-connected computers and tablets. Schedule time to talk with an Account Manager to learn more about Rendia hardware requirements.

Nicholas Belill

“I love that the looping content is automatic and I do not have to rely on myself or a staff member to actively engage patients about various topics.”

Dr. Nicholas Belill, Belill Eye Care

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