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Co-Management for Cataracts

Co-Management for Cataracts

40:03 - Join us, as our seasoned Customer Success team walks you through optimizing the time spent chairside with your patients considering cataract surgery. Learn the newest best practices on preparing them for the transition to the Ophthalmologist and postoperative management.

"Rendia saves a great amount of time and makes practicing enjoyable."

Dr. Paul Karpecki, Kentucky Eye Institute
See why more doctors are turning to Rendia to make dry eye visits more painless.

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Outcome Simulator
Outcome Simulator Promo

Outcome Simulator Promo

1:33 - Despite best efforts, most patients are uncertain about how much their vision will improve until they actually undergo cataract or refractive surgery. Outcome Simulator changes the patient experience by letting patients test-drive post-surgical vision in a realistic way.