Photograph of paper with the word "Rendia" on it as well as other brand materials such as colors, icons, etc.

Meet Rendia


I’m excited to announce that we have changed our company name and our product name to Rendia. We’ve been collaborating behind the scenes on our new brand for several months and today we’re proud to share it with our customers.

Part of my mission as CEO has been to showcase the amazing and passionate people who make our product great. Having separate names for our company and our product created a disconnect between who we are and what we do. Creating one identity helps us tell our story clearly, since today our people and product are one and the same.

After lots of conversations with customers, we knew we needed to start fresh with a new name that reflects a positive, focused, and deliberate change to move us forward. A name that’s easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. One that reflects the data-driven, strategic, and creative nature of the team without losing sight that we’re an established leader.

While it’s been bittersweet to say goodbye, we simply outgrew the name Eyemaginations. We’re more than a company that just helps patients understand their eyes – we’re conveying health information across multiple medical specialties, with more on the horizon.

Our new name, Rendia, is inspired by the conversations doctors and patients have every day. Rendia is derived from render, which means to provide, to make, or to interpret artistically. At Rendia, we empower patients and their doctors to have memorable conversations that impact patient outcomes.

Along with a new name, we also have a new look and feel, though our core offering works the same way. Our goal, as always, is to help you deliver the best care to your patients. Over time, we’ll continue to improve the product with new topics and features, like Exam Mode, and we’ll always be your partner in progressing the quality of care.

To see our new brand in action and meet some members of our team, please check out a quick video we created.


I’m so grateful to our customers and partners who have supported us since 1999. We look forward to decades more partnership in delivering the best care to patients.

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