Meet Rendia, One Year Later

Meet Rendia, One Year Later


See how our new brand is enhancing the patient experience through memorable conversations

Almost exactly one year ago on July 25, 2016, our CEO, Smitha Gopal, announced that we had changed both our company and product name from Eyemaginations to Rendia. Rebranding to Rendia gave us the opportunity we needed to refocus our company’s brand promise: to help doctors connect with patients and improve outcomes through interactive patient education technology.

For the full story behind our decision to rebrand from Eyemaginations to Rendia, see Meet Rendia

Read on to see how we’ve worked tirelessly over the past year to deliver on that promise by:

  • proving the importance of video-based patient education in improving patient outcomes
  • inspiring today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders in patient education
  • developing continuous product updates and high-quality patient education videos
  • and creating valuable (free) resources to assist your practice in providing the best possible patient care.

Proving how patient education videos impact health outcomes

Patient education matters. And when it comes to memorable conversations, we’re convinced that how you educate patients is an integral part of improving patient outcomes. To demonstrate how the type of patient education material you use affects patients’ perceived quality of care, researchers at Rendia designed and conducted a randomized study. The goal was to evaluate whether the type of educational material impacts patients’ perceptions, attitudes, and intended health behaviors in a non-clinical setting.

In this first ever research study from Rendia, The Impact of Narrated Animations, you’ll find out what type of patient education resources generate higher quality ratings, what factors impact patient loyalty and perception of care, and how the type of patient education you provide can help or hinder your patient’s’ behavior and outcomes.

Download the free paper to get the full results: The Impact of Narrated Animations

Inspiring and celebrating the educators of tomorrow

This year, we took our commitment to supporting the health care community a step further by launching the first annual Memorable Conversations Scholarship. In partnership with ODs on Facebook, we asked third-year optometry students to show us how they plan to make their patient conversations memorable once they become practicing optometrists. At the end of the competition, Rendia was proud to award two exceptional students $5,000 each to assist them in pursuing their dreams to improve the patient experience through more memorable conversations.

Memorable Conversations Scholarship

To find out more about the scholarship and see the winning submissions, check out The 2017 Winners of Rendia’s Annual Optometry Student Scholarship

Developing brand new features inspired by customers

We know your time is valuable, which is why we’re committed to improving your practice’s workflow through innovative solutions. Whether that means making our existing technology easier to use, adding new functionality, or creating new videos based on topics you’ve requested – check out some of the most exciting new additions we’ve made over the past year.

— Upgrade your waiting room technology with the Rendia TV stick

After hearing what our customers are looking for in an ideal waiting room solution, we reconsidered Rendia’s waiting room functionality and introduced the new Rendia TV stick. The TV stick is essentially a ‘Mini-PC’ that can be plugged into your waiting room television to display Rendia’s beautiful patient education videos on a continual loop.

Visit our website to learn more about how the Rendia TV stick can help streamline your practice’s workflow

— Access anatomy whenever, wherever with Exam Mode for iPad

With the explosion of mobile health (mHealth) over the past year, we realized that we needed to expand our most popular feature – Exam Mode – to make it available for doctors on-the-go. Exam Mode for iPad lets you engage patients and colleagues while still maintaining critical eye contact, resulting in a more positive patient experience.

To learn how Exam Mode for iPad can transform your patient conversations, read our post, Interactive Anatomy Model, Exam Mode: Now Available for iPad

— Draw the connection between conditions and symptoms with picture-in-picture views

We’ve heard from numerous doctors that helping patients visualize complex medical concepts can be challenging. To address this problem, we added Point-of-Views (POVs) to Exam Mode. POVs help patients and caregivers conceptualize their eye condition in a more concrete way – motivating them to adhere to your prescribed treatment plans, attend regular eye exams, and make informed treatment decisions.

Demonstrate how patients’ eye conditions progress with Point-of-Views

Check out our blog post, How to Visually Demonstrate Disease Progression to Patients, for more on how POVs can help improve patient outcomes

And for our ENT customers, we’ve added new picture-in-picture endoscopy views to Exam Mode. Now patients can easily follow along as you show endoscopic simulations of throat and nasal anatomy.

— Keep up with the latest conditions and treatment options with new video releases

Every practice has a unique set of needs, which is why we strive to maintain an open feedback loop with our customers to ensure Rendia’s video library is constantly being updated with the latest health information.

Over the past year, our in-house art team has worked hard to produce and update over 35 new full-length videos on topics ranging from Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy, to Meniere’s Disease, to the Benefits of Quitting Smoking. So whether you want to explain the newest dry eye treatment option, illustrate a difficult-to-pronounce condition, or simply help motivate patients to make healthy choices, Rendia’s regularly updated video library has exactly what you need.

Creating valuable resources to support your practice’s bottom line

Connecting with patients means staying up-to-date on the latest trends and technology in medicine. Just since July 25, 2016, we’ve published 59 new blog posts to help you navigate important topics that affect your practice – ranging from MACRA, to patient satisfaction surveys, to the gender pay gap in health care.

We also answered some of your most pressing questions, such as: Are Screens Hurting Your Relationship with Patients?, Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Patient Outcomes?, and more recently, Is Climate Change the Next Big Risk to Eye Health?

Additionally, we’ve published several downloadable eBooks to assist your practice in providing the best possible patient care. Check out some of our most popular free resources below.

— Building Your Dry Eye Center of Excellence — 7 Keys to Success

Learn how starting a Dry Eye Center of Excellence can help better serve your patients, inspire positive interactions with self-paying patients, increase referrals, and grow your practice with little-to-no effort on your part.

Download the free eBook: Building Your Dry Eye Center of Excellence — 7 Keys to Success

— How to Design the Perfect Waiting Room for Patients

Understand what patients are actually thinking about in the waiting room, get insight into what patients are looking for in their ideal waiting experience, and find out the tools you need to transform the patient waiting area into an experience worth waiting for.

How to Design the Perfect Waiting Room for Patients

Download the free eBook: How to Design the Perfect Waiting Room for Patients

As your partner in patient care, we’re eager to continue supporting your practice’s goals through our commitment to helping you connect with patients and empower them to make informed health decisions. Thank you for helping us celebrate a year of creating memorable conversations under our new brand.

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