Happy Birthday to Rendia!


On the second anniversary of our rebranding, here’s a look back at our best content

Almost two years ago we announced that our company and product name would be changing from Eyemaginations to Rendia. Our rebranding was intended to better reflect our position as a leader in the visual health information space and our vision for the future.

Our first year as Rendia was a time to refocus and grow. In our second year we’ve been dedicated to developing topical, practical content to further our mission: to help doctors connect with patients and improve outcomes through interactive patient education technology. Here’s a recap of some of our top blog posts of the past year.

Our roots are in eye care, but our vision has expanded

Given that our company’s roots began in eye care, it’s no surprise that one of our most popular posts re-examined how eye doctors are approaching lid hygiene from a patient education and practice marketing standpoint.

In Are Your Blepharitis Patients Still Using Baby Shampoo?, we raised the curtain on outdated advice and misinformation that persists about lid hygiene, even though products and treatments have come a long way. Our key message: to get patients in the door, you have to be proactive about spelling out your practice offerings, positioning yourself as up-to-date in your field, and reaching out to prospective patients on your website, social media pages, and/or in an email newsletter. Video is a great way to do that.

Today, Rendia focuses not just on eye care but on improving patient education and doctor-patient communication across multiple specialties.

Today, Rendia is more than a company that just focuses on eyes – we’re conveying health information across multiple medical specialties. A common theme? Improving interactions between doctors and patients, as we detailed in this popular post: Do’s and Don’ts for Effective Doctor-Patient Communication

News you can use

While Rendia is not in the business of breaking news, we do make a point to produce timely content that’s relevant to our customers. The past year saw the rise of a swift and unsettling movement to uncover and punish acts of sex abuse and sexual harassment. While it may have started in Hollywood, the #MeToo movement quickly reached all corners of our society, including health care.

Covering serious issues in the news that impact doctors and patients is something we will continue to do.

In #MeToo: Addressing Sexual Harassment in Health Care, we discussed how evidence of alarming acts of abuse by doctors has been uncovered in every state — most notably, the conviction of USA Gymnastics’ team doctor, Lawrence G. Nassar, M.D. And we also acknowledged that sometimes doctors are the victims. Looking at serious issues that impact doctors and patients is something we will continue to do. As we wrote, “The stakes are too high to ignore this issue.

On a different but no less important note, our post about What Your Patients Should Know About Medical Marijuana was also newsworthy and popular with readers.

Practice management tips and furry friends

Besides patient education, practice management is a popular topic for our customers. All of our posts about waiting rooms continue to draw readers. The topic was so popular we published an eBook about it. Download your copy here: How to Design the Perfect Waiting Room for Patients. Hint: In addition to your décor, technology plays a role.

Did you miss our blog posts and eBook about decluttering and design your waiting room and practice? Take a look!

Along the same lines, our readers showed that our national obsession with decluttering and organizing extends from our homes to our medical practices. In Declutter Your Practice in Three Steps, we offered a practical room-by-room guide to making sure your waiting room, front office, and exam rooms are clean, serene, and welcoming to patients.

Lastly, our team here at Rendia would like to offer our favorite way to brighten up the office, with stress-reducing perks: dogs! We spotlighted our furry friends – while also touching on their health benefits – in this post: In Honor of National Dog Day: Meet the Dogs of Rendia

Thank you for helping us celebrate another year of creating valuable content under the Rendia brand. We’re honored to be your partner in patient care, and committed to continuing to support your practice’s goals.

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