Rendia Turns 3!


On the third anniversary of our rebranding, we look back on our newest offerings

Happy Birthday to us! It’s been three years since our company rebranded from Eyemaginations to Rendia. The name change reflected how our company and product has evolved since 1999, when we launched with a focus on eye care.

For the full story behind our decision to rebrand from Eyemaginations to Rendia, see Meet Rendia

Today, we have grown into a leader in the digital health and patient engagement space, expanding across multiple medical specialties. Yet our mission has remained the same: to be the leading provider of patient engagement solutions that drive better doctor-patient communication, medical practice success, and improved patient health outcomes. Here’s a look at some of the highlights of the past year. 

The launch of Outcome Simulator

Last fall, Rendia launched its latest tool, Outcome Simulator, created to help doctors and staff communicate the benefits of advanced IOLs and refractive surgery while setting the right expectations from the start. Our customers explained the challenges of setting the proper expectations with patients considering different treatment options, and the limitations of existing simulators that were overly simplistic, showed unrealistically rosy outcomes, or slowed down providers. We delivered the most advanced vision simulator on the market – a tool that speeds up consultations, improves patient confidence and satisfaction, and can be customized per patient, 

Rendia’s interactive Outcome Simulator is the most advanced vision simulator on the market. It shows patients what outcomes they can expect from various IOLs and refractive surgery.

The feedback from doctors using Outcome Simulator has been outstanding:

“Opting patients to cataract surgery isn’t so hard anymore…it’s not convincing them, it’s educating them about the options. Most people don’t understand what presybopia-correcting is. With the simulator, I can show them.”

[bctt tweet=”‘Opting patients to cataract surgery isn’t so hard anymore…it’s not convincing them, it’s educating them about the options.'” username=”goRendia”]

“I’m using it for counseling new patients. Patients understand better. When I show them what it will look like without glasses if they get the procedure, it’s a shock. Then I show them the next level up and they can see what they would get.”

“It’s very helpful with patient education, and can simulate what the vision should be like after cataract surgery with different types of lenses and helps them make a final decision on which lens would fit their lifestyle.”

“The Outcome Simulator is extremely well designed. It has been very helpful in making the case for toric IOLs and preparing patients for the night halos of multifocal IOLs.”

Exam Mode for iPad

Another tool that doctors and patients love is Rendia’s interactive anatomy software, Exam Mode. Now available for iPad, Exam Mode offers a mobile solution for doctors to have better, more efficient conversations with their patients by visualizing complex anatomy. More than half of physicians report using tablets at the point-of-care to support better clinical decision-making and patient outcomes. 

Embracing technology like Exam Mode for iPad shows patients that your practice is professional and modern and that you care about their experience and understanding.

Using Exam Mode during consultations can be an effective way to boost your reputation. “Modernizing the patient experience” was the #1 medical practice tech trend last year, according to industry experts. Embracing the latest technology conveys the message that your practice is professional and modern while communicating to patients that providers care about their experience and understanding. 

Using Exam Mode to educate patients also helps mitigate risk in your practice. Many malpractice lawsuits are caused not by medical errors but by poor communication and misunderstandings. By helping patients understand their conditions and setting expectations about treatment options, they are less likely to be confused or unhappy with their results.

Improving the experience throughout the patient journey

Patient satisfaction and patient engagement are popular buzzwords in today’s health care environment. At Rendia, we believe that the patient experience doesn’t start when a patient walks into your practice—it starts with pre-appointment education.

Educating patients at multiple touch points throughout their experience is one of the benefits of Rendia.

One of the benefits of Rendia is that our comprehensive library offers different action-oriented messages that can be used at multiple touch points throughout the patient journey, from general messaging for the patient just beginning their online research, to more specific, clinical messaging for patients during and after appointments. You can use Rendia on your website to attract new patients, via emails you send to your current patients, and in your waiting room before appointments. Educating patients in these different ways and at different times improves engagement and their overall experience.

Rendia empowers patients and their doctors to have memorable conversations that impact patient outcomes. We are proud that our customers’ experiences and testimonials demonstrate our continued commitment to the success of the practices we work with, through improved patient satisfaction, revenue growth, and enhanced productivity.

Ready to drive better health outcomes and practice success? We can help you get started today—just schedule a call!

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