A patient watching a video on a tablet, learning about strategies to avoid computer eye strain.

Six Videos to Make Your Patients Smile


As a health care provider, you’re in the business of caring for patients. That might mean performing surgery, prescribing medication, or recommending ways to improve quality of life. However, patient care isn’t just limited to surgical outcomes anymore. As patient satisfaction scores start to a play a bigger role in health care (e.g., being publically available, factoring into reimbursement metrics), the medical field is becoming more consumer-driven than ever before.

What are some easy ways you can improve patient satisfaction? One strategy is to tweak your communication skills, which not only makes patients happier, it’s also key for high-quality care. Also, since long wait times are one of the biggest culprits of patient dissatisfaction, you can change patients’ perception of how long they are waiting by keeping them occupied with engaging content. Time really does fly when your patients are having fun with this month’s freshest batch of videos.

Don’t bat an eye at computer eye strain

If your patients start rolling their eyes after watching this video, it’s actually a good sign. In this “Healthy daily habits for computer users” video, we suggest some eye exercises to relieve eye strain from computer use.

Recommended for: playing in your waiting area or sharing on social media.


High hopes for low vision

It’s Low Vision Awareness Month! Did you know that among people with low vision, only about 20% use devices that allow them to have a more independent lifestyle? If you’re a practice that specializes in helping patients with visual impairments, make sure to share this video, “What is low vision?” to let your patients know that there are a variety of strategies and tools that you can recommend to improve their quality of life.

Best for: playing on your website and in your waiting area


Don’t go breaking my heart

I couldn’t if I tried. Celebrate American Heart Month with, “Vignette: Heart Health,” which describes the prevalence of heart disease in the U.S., as well as tips for staying healthy.

We recommend: Sharing on social media or playing in your waiting area


Drive satisfaction scores up

…with our new “Brain Teaser: Parking Lot Pattern” vignette. It will have your patients looking at things from a whole new perspective!

Best for: adding to your waiting room playlist or sharing on social media


No more monkeying around

Once you add some “Name the Animal” vignettes to your waiting area playlist, your patients will bear-ly notice they’ve been waiting at all. We’re not lion!

We suggest: Adding it throughout your waiting room playlist to lighten up the educational content


Show your patients some love

Roses are red
Violets are blue
We like this vignette
And your patients will too.
Check out “Brain Teaser: What Breaks.”

Use it for: playing while patients wait or sharing on social media


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