Set Your Practice Apart with Our New Contact Lens Specialty Package


Your patients have a choice when deciding where to get their medical care. Help patients understand why your practice’s services are superior. One savvy strategy is to specialize in an area and become the local expert on that topic. With the contact lens market growing at more than 10 percent a year, establishing yourself as the go-to contact lens source is a smart move for your practice. Using our brand new contact lens package, you can customize your specialist environment by strategically placing expert messaging at every step of the patient experience in your practice.


BEFORE patients come into your office

Share “Considering Contact Lenses?” on your website or on social media to let patients know that if they’re thinking about contact lenses, they need look no further than your practice.


Email “Your First Contact Lens Appointment” to patients who are considering contacts for the first time so that they arrive prepared and excited — and know what to expect.


To reduce contact lens dropout for patients already wearing contacts, share “Contact Lenses for Existing Wearers” to make sure they understand how the latest contact lens technology can better fit their needs.


If you want to discourage patients from buying contacts online and help them understand why they should only buy from a verified source, consider sharing “Only Buy Contacts from Eye Care Provider” through an email newsletter or on social media.

DURING the patient’s visit

Consider adding some of these videos to playlists on your waiting room TV or idle computer screen savers:

Contact Lenses to Fit Your Lifestyle” conveys various contact lens modalities and their benefits to patients. The information helps patients know to communicate their personal needs to their provider. We appreciate the help of Dr. Stuart Schatz of Contact Lens Associates for recommending this piece.


Our “Corneal Topography” video explains how this advanced technology creates a precise 3D map of the cornea so that you can create a custom treatment plan for your patients’ unique eyes. While the video mentions contact lens fittings, it can apply anywhere corneal topography is used. Thanks to Dr. Stephen Rozenberg and Ruth Domber of 10/10 Optics for providing background on this topic.


Why Buy a Year’s Supply (of contact lenses)” can boost your rate of annual contact lens orders. Help patients understand the benefits of buying in bulk: cost, convenience, and compliance. Thanks to Dr. Steve Rice of Vision Clinic for his guidance for this video.


With Rendia, you can add as many or as few contact lens messages to your playlists as you like! Here are some ideas for more contact lens videos to engage and educate your patients while they wait:


While patients are learning how to insert and remove contacts, play our contact lens insertion and removal videos for step-by-step instructions. Direct patients to your website or email them the videos so patients can refer back to it once they’re home. (Check back next month for scleral contact lens videos!)

AFTER the appointment

Instill best practices for lens care and proper hygiene by emailing “Success with Contact Lenses” to patients to ensure they maintain clear, healthy vision with contacts for years to come.


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