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Three Reasons Using Video Will Make a Splash this Summer


Summer is here and the heat is on you to capture your patients’ interest. You may be asking yourself: how can I engage patients and promote my services in a fun and captivating way? We suggest using video content to both entertain and educate them. We have the top three reasons that using video will set your practice ablaze this summer.

Why videos?

1. Videos increase SEO and drive traffic to your website.

As we discussed in an earlier post, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps you stand out from your colleagues. Because Google uses the length of time a person views a page as a key metric in SEO, you need to not only grab your patients’ attention, but also maintain it. Notably, 88 percent of website visitors stay on a site longer if there’s a prominent video displayed, boosting your average site time and increasing your search rank. And the demand for video is here to stay. Leading market innovators believe that the popularity of video will only increase, predicting that by 2019 videos will make up 80 percent of internet traffic.

2. Videos are a fun and helpful teaching tool.

Because 83 percent of learning is visual, a video ensures a patient will retain more information without forcing them to read a ton of complex, medical text. And because you can send a video home, if a patient wants a deeper understanding of what you explained, they can rewatch content and absorb information at their own pace.

3. Sharing videos is an easy way to interact with patients.

With Americans engaging electronically more than ever, it is important to remember that people are motivated to interact online if it is easy, relevant to their lives or the lives of their friends, and if it connects them to other people with similar interests. Sharing health related content fulfills all of these needs and with 55 percent of people watching videos everyday, sharing videos instead of just text is an even better way to interact with patients. Luckily, with patient education platforms such as Rendia, sharing has never been easier.

Now that you know why using video is so important – it’s time to incorporate content in more places. Since it’s so quick and easy to update playlists on your website or in your waiting room, there’s no reason not to spice it up with our summer videos.

Summer videos for your practice

Look on the bright side

…as long as you have polarized lenses! Our Polarization – Water video shows how these lenses eliminate glare from the sun when you’re near the water. The benefits of these lenses are clear with this video.

Recommended for: Promoting in the waiting area or your optical area


Keep an ear to the ground for swimmer’s ear

With summer comes swimming, and if your patients are enjoying those dips in the cool water, there is an increased risk of developing swimmer’s ear. Consider sharing Swimmer’s Ear: Overview with your patients to let them know what it is how how you can help treat it.

Use it: To remind patients in the waiting area or in an email home


Protect little ones from the sun

While it may all seem like fun in the sun, don’t forget to grab some shade – for children’s eyes. Let parents know the importance of sunglasses for kids with Sunglasses for Children video.

Best for: Waiting room playlists or sharing on social media


The best wrinkle solution?

Avoiding too much UV exposure! While searching for the fountain of youth, a lot of beach-goers lack a fundamental understanding of the sun’s damaging effects on our skin. Share An Overview of Aging Skin with patients – and remind them that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Use it for: Your social media posts or waiting area playlist


Very variable

Summer means you’re enjoying the great outdoors, but it also means catching quick A/C breaks inside. Your glasses need to adjust for your changing environments. Our vignette on Variable Tint Lenses helps patients see the benefit of having lenses that adapt to changes in light.

We recommend: Using in waiting room playlists or on your website


Hydration Nation

Summertime is synonymous with lemonade stands – but don’t forget about the best summer beverage: H2O! Staying hydrated is key to health. During the summertime, your patients are more active, which means more sweating – but are they making sure they’re drinking enough water? We have a Vignette: Drink Water to quench your thirst for satisfied patients.

Best for: Reminding patients about hydration in waiting rooms or on social media


Need help with incorporating video on your practice website or throughout your practice? Reach out to us with any questions.

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