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School’s Starting Soon. Have You Done Your Homework?


Learning doesn’t only happen at school. Every day, you and your staff educate patients about their conditions and treatment options, but how do you ensure they understand and remember what you say? Since patients immediately forget up to 80 percent of information provided by their doctor, it’s critical to make your message accessible and available for repeat consumption.

We can prepare you with all the supplies you’ll need to keep your patients informed, inspired, and in style. Raise your hand if you’re ready to take your patient education to the next level and check out our newest videos for Rendia.

Help young patients defend the goal – and their eyesight

Prevent Blindness America has declared August as Children’s Eye Health and Safety Awareness Month. Make sure your active young patients sport protective eyewear during their games. Show parents, coaches, and kids our new “Protective Eyewear for Kids’ Sports” video, which explains why experts recommend that all kids wear protective frames – and shows some sleek new styles.

We appreciate the help of Dr. Nick Belill of Belill Eye Care for his expertise on this piece.

Use it for: playing in your waiting room or sharing on social media


Healthy, safe vision for the new school year

Back to school season means new shoes, supplies — and of course, glasses! Ensure parents know the importance of impact-resistant lens materials for kids by sharing our “Safest Lens Materials for Kids” video. It covers the pros and cons of polycarbonate and TrivexⓇ lens materials.

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Provide much “beta” care with beta-carotene

They say you are what you eat, which is why we made this fun vignette, “Beta-Carotene and Carrots” about the popular belief that carrots are good for your eyes.

Best for: your waiting room playlist or social media


Uveitis? You might like this

Since uveitis and pink eye look very similar from the outside, it’s hard to explain exactly how they’re different. Now using our “Uveitis and Iritis” video, you can show where in the eye it happens. The video explains how this condition is not contagious like pink eye, and emphasizes the importance of proper rest.

We recommend: playing during the appointment or emailing home post-visit


Don’t delay discussing corneal inlay

If your practice is using the KAMRA™ inlay procedure, let your presbyopic patients know about this cutting edge technology that can reduce their dependency on reading glasses or contacts. Our “Corneal Inlay” video explains this brand new treatment option.

Best for: featuring on your website or while patients wait


Rest easy with our healthy sleep video

Ensure your patients always wake up on the right side of the bed with, “Healthy Sleep Tips.” This video conveys the importance of sleep to overall health and tips for encouraging healthy sleep habits.

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