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It’s Time for Your Exam Mode


Your facetime with patients is precious. How do you make the most of the brief time you have together? When you’re burdened with entering EHR data while conversing with patients, maintaining eye contact isn’t easy. Rather than adding yet another technological barricade between you and your patient, we sought to develop a tool that would not only make your chairside conversations more effective, but also more efficient.

As a result, we’re creating Rendia Exam Mode.

Why we’re making it

Rendia helps you educate patients at every touchpoint – before they come in to the practice, while they wait during their appointment, in the exam room, and once they go back home. In order to create the best experience for the patient and the practice, we go to great lengths to communicate complex medical topics in a clear, unintimidating way using beautiful 3D animation.

Narrated videos work best when patients are watching them on their own time, like on your website. But videos aren’t as efficient as we’d like for chairside conversations. We heard from customers that they like to reference quick visuals during a patient’s exam, but they don’t have time to play a video. Furthermore, some doctors want to explain things in their own words, or address multiple conditions in one conversation, depending on the patient.

Exam Mode puts you in control of your patient conversations. Our animations give the illusion of flying through the anatomy. From there, you can draw, or trigger an animation to show disease progression. And that’s just the beginning.

Use Exam Mode to fly through the eye.

We used the latest trends in user interface design to guide the mechanics of Exam Mode.

How we’re making it

We heard from a lot of our legacy customers that they loved using a feature from our legacy software LUMA in the exam room. As a result, we began interviewing our customers and had them walk us through how they used the tool and what their conversations were like. After numerous observations, we found some trends.

Whiteboard with post it notes showing user observations

We summarized how customers used animations in their patient conversations to inform our product design

We used our findings to prioritize the most essential functions of the tool. That’s why we’re starting with navigation and draw functionality – so that you can orient your patients and talk about conditions and treatments in your own words. Our design team, inspired by Google Maps zoom functionality and interactive prototyping tools like Invision, mocked up various designs to create a fast, user-friendly interface for our exam room solution.

The benefit of providing internet-based software is that as we continually improve our product and content based on customer feedback, the product updates are instantly available to our customers across the globe. It means that as development of the next Exam Mode feature is underway, we can give beta testers access to start using the earliest version of the tool. It also means that if there are any bugs in the software, we can squash them right away.

What’s next?

We’re inviting interested customers to beta test the tool at this stage and provide us feedback so that all future Exam Mode features are built upon a user-friendly foundation. Since Exam Mode runs in a web browser, we’re making sure it works as efficiently and reliably as possible – and having doctors test the tool in the field gives us the insight we need.

Once we’ve heard from our testers and are confident that Exam Mode meets our high-quality standards, Exam Mode will be ready to be offered to customers as a live product feature. However, our work doesn’t stop there. Over time, we’ll be taking your feedback to find ways to improve Exam Mode to complement your patient conversations and workflow.

We’re excited to hear what you think. Let’s work together to create the exam room experience you and your patients have been waiting for.

Interested in beta testing? Sign up here, and my team and I will contact you soon.

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