Interactive anatomy tool, exam mode, with an arrow drawn over the anatomy

Interactive Anatomy Model, Exam Mode: Now Available for iPad


Visuals have the ability to transcend language barriers and make information more accessible. For the past year, Rendia’s interactive anatomy software, Exam Mode, has been helping doctors have better, more efficient conversations with their patients by visualizing complex anatomy. Exam Mode lets you fly in and out of anatomy in a nonlinear way, so that you can illustrate ideas in the way that fits to your workflow.

Now we’re taking that freedom to the next level by making Exam Mode mobile, so you don’t need to be in front of a computer to use it. Introducing Exam Mode for iPad: letting you bring powerful interactive anatomy with you, wherever the conversation takes you.

Inspired by mHealth

Rendia is committed to helping connect patients and providers. As technology and health care evolve over time, so does our offering. We recognize that the future of medicine is mobile. More than half of physicians report using tablets at the point-of-care to support better clinical decision-making and patient outcomes. The convenience of portability makes tablets ideal for busy health care providers – and it doesn’t hurt that the iPad mini fits perfectly in the pocket of a white coat.

After many of our customers requested using Exam Mode on iPad, it was a no-brainer: We decided to develop Exam Mode for iPad to provide the ultimate experience for both doctors and their patients.

Access anatomy whenever, wherever

Having the right visual to accompany your explanation is important; having it at the right time is essential. Whether you’re on the go, in the exam room, or in a shared medical appointment and need a visual reference, Exam Mode for iPad is at your fingertips. Using your finger or stylus, you can draw, navigate, and animate the anatomy, conditions, and treatments you know and love.

With Exam Mode on the iPad, you can engage your patients and colleagues even if you’re not in front of a computer, allowing you to maintain eye contact that is critical for building trusting relationships with your patients.

No WiFi? No problem

As part of our efforts to make Exam Mode more accessible, you don’t even need a constant WiFi connection to use the Exam Mode for iPad app. You will need a WiFi connection to install the app and receive updates; however, if you’re somewhere where Internet is slow or nonexistent, no worries. Just make sure to sync and update before you go.

Start illustrating your ideas today

At Rendia, we understand doctors need technology that works for them, not the other way around. Try Exam Mode for iPad today – once you start using it, you won’t know how you ever lived without it.

Current Rendia or Exam Mode customers: download Exam Mode at
Or, if you don’t have full Rendia yet, contact us today.

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