Doctor conversing with a patient using exam mode to explaining sinus anatomy

What’s Exam Mode? Answers to your questions about our newest feature.


Every once in a while, a product comes along that changes the way you do things. Not only does it make your job easier, but it reminds you why you went into medicine in the first place. It makes you feel like a hero, it delights your patients, and most importantly – it just works. We’re happy to announce the official launch of our newest feature, Exam Mode.

What is Exam Mode?

Exam Mode is like Google Maps for anatomy. You can fly through the simulated 3D anatomy model and animate functions and conditions to accompany your chairside conversations. You can draw on the animations to explain concepts the way you want. All you need is an internet connection – no installations necessary.

Why did we make it?

We listened to our customers. We heard that no two patients are exactly the same, and neither are all of your chairside conversations. Doctors need a flexible, intuitive visual tool to quickly explain complicated medical topics to their patients on the fly. That’s why we created Exam Mode.

How can it help me?

Sometimes there’s just no easy way to explain a complex pathology or surgical procedure. When you have just the right picture to show your patient what you’re talking about, magic happens. Confusion turns into understanding – and patients feel valued. Medicine is complicated, but now with Exam Mode, your conversations don’t have to be. Finally, a practice software solution that’s simple and fun.

Doctor interacting with Rendia's Exam Mode to explain the corneal layers to a patient.


What are doctors saying about Exam Mode?

“It is a game changer in real time patient education.”
“Dynamic zooming into and out of the anatomy. They LOVE this!”
“I love the easy access to anatomy / conditions on the left hand side.”
“Nice and efficient.”
“The interface is easy to use.”
“Kudos to [Rendia] for listening to your subscribers :)”

How can I get it?

If you already have Rendia, you might already have access to Exam Mode, depending on your account tier. You can find it in the left sidebar.

A screenshot of Rendia's patient education platform pointing out the location of the Exam Mode feature on the left sidebar

If you don’t have Rendia yet, or you don’t see Exam Mode in your account, sign up for a free two-week trial. Your patients will thank you.

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