Timely Videos to Share with Patients Now


From new COVID-19-related procedures to summer health topics, Rendia has you covered

Even amidst all the upheaval and uncertainty in the world and in health care in recent months, some things never change. Doctors are still one of the most trusted sources of information. And patients still want guidance, reassurance, and solutions to their health concerns. 

Rendia makes it easy to educate and engage patients with timely, practical, and engaging video content that you can share anywhere—on your practice website and social media platforms, in emails to patients, and in your office. Here’s what to share now. 

COVID-19-related changes

As practices and businesses all over the U.S. continue to reopen, people want to know what to expect, what will be done differently, and most of all—how you will keep them safe. Reassure patients by showing them what steps your practice is taking, whether that’s implementing new cleaning and sanitizing procedures, as this video shows, updating your air filtration system, changing your waiting room setup or eliminating your waiting room entirely. 

If you are now requiring patients to wear face masks and they must bring their own, send them this video before their appointment:

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We also have a new video for practices that will be providing personal protective gear to patients.

Even though most people are familiar with the phrase “social distancing” by now, showing patients this video is a good reminder that distancing doesn’t have to mean disconnected.

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For a full look at all of Rendia’s new COVID-19-related slides and animations, check out this playlist.

Summer safety tips

In other news, summer’s here! That means more people are outside enjoying the warmer weather, swimming, gardening, hiking, riding bikes, and more.

With more of us out in the sun, skin cancer awareness and prevention should be top of mind. Let patients know that you can identify the first signs of some skin cancer by carefully inspecting moles. This new video offers helpful, easy-to-remember tips on how to spot suspicious moles and when to call your doctor.

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It’s also tick season. Educate your patients on Lyme disease awareness with this video that illustrates the ABC’s of tick bite prevention.

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Finally, whether you have pediatric patients or wish to remind parents and grandparents about summer safety, this video is a fun way to explain how to wear a helmet correctly when riding a skateboard, bike, or scooter.

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We know the past several months have been tough, and we want to make your patient education and patient engagement efforts as easy as possible. We’ve created the timely new content you need—all you have to do is share it.


If you want to see more of our content or need help setting up your summer playlist, submit your email below and we’ll get in touch with you.

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