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How a Strong Brand Focuses Your Organization


Last month, our company completed our rebrand, and we announced our name change from Eyemaginations to Rendia. Our new brand identity was the result of defining our company’s purpose and values, guided by Baltimore-based branding agency, Backroom. Here are some things we learned from our fresh start that you can apply to your practice.

    1. Brand is much more than a logo. Your brand is a representation of your core values and should guide every business decision. This comes through in interactions customers have with your organization. By providing consistent experiences, you not only strengthen your brand, you foster trust. For example, we regularly produce new, relevant videos (like the ones below) as part of our commitment to helping doctors provide the best experience for their patients.
    2. You need to focus. In the same way that multi-tasking is less productive than doing one thing at a time, having various missions weakens your brand and can be confusing for both employees and customers. Our decision to rebrand emerged when we realized that we had various goals. As a result, we prioritized. It wasn’t easy, but once we focused on our brand promise, we became more streamlined and effective.
    3. Employees are the brand champions. The people who work for your organization are responsible for bringing your brand to life. Whether they’re making business decisions, supporting your customers, creating your product, or delivering your service, employees’ actions carry your brand. In order to empower our team to take ownership of our new brand, we hosted a company-wide interactive training event to start putting values into practice.


What do your patient interactions say about your brand? Every patient touchpoint is an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to patient care: take a look at how our latest content can help.

Clarify posterior subcapsular cataract

Experts like Dr. Sandy Feldman of One to One Lasik explained how our messaging in the “Cataract Type – Posterior Subcapsular” video needed some clarity. That’s why we revamped the animation as well as the narration to explain the early symptoms of this cataract, and its rapid speed of growth.

Use if for: chairside conversations or sending home to patients post-visit


How do your genes fit?

As personalized medicine and genetic testing become more mainstream, we created a video called, “Genetic Testing” that explains the benefits and limitations of these tests. It also refers patients to their doctor and genetic counselor to help them properly interpret their test results.

Best for: playing in your waiting area and on your website


Keep an ear out

Our latest trivia vignette invites viewers to guess the purpose of the outer ear. Play, “Trivia: Outer Ear Function” for patients so they can learn some interesting functions about the ear.

Best for: adding to your waiting room playlist or sharing on social media


What your pet sees

The question of whether dogs can see color is kind of a gray area. Learn how animals see in our latest video, “How Animals See Differently.”

Best for: playing in your waiting area or on social media


What am I?

Our latest trivia vignette describes facts about some part of anatomy that your patients have to guess. Play, “Trivia: Type of Connective Tissue” while your patients wait.

We recommend: adding to your waiting room playlist or sharing on social media


Hypertensive retinopathy: the pressure is on

As one of the most common health conditions in the US, you probably see your fair share of patients with hypertension. However, many people don’t realize that uncontrolled high blood pressure can damage the retinal arteries and cause vision damage. Our latest video, “Hypertensive Retinopathy”, explains the risk of high blood pressure to eyesight, and encourages patients to take action in controlling their hypertension. We appreciate Dr. Peter Rozanec of Port Credit Optometry Clinic and Michelle Erickson of Cambridge Eye Associates for advising us on this topic.

Best for: playing in your waiting room and emailing home


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