Rendia’s Top Secrets to Hiring, Training, & Retaining an All-Star Medical Staff


It’s not just about salary anymore. How to engage and empower employees in a competitive health care market.

We hate to break it to you, but neither the best bedside manner in town nor the most impressive degrees on your office wall are enough to attract and keep patients. There’s another factor that forms patients’ first impression of your practice, affects appointment scheduling and daily operations, and ultimately impacts your practice’s reputation and bottom line: your staff.

For the first time in history, health care is the largest source of jobs in the U.S. Are you doing what it takes to attract staff in this competitive market?

Here’s another thing you should know: the job seeker’s market is extremely competitive right now, especially in health care. Last year, for the first time in history, health care became the largest source of jobs in the U.S. That means employees looking for work have their pick of employers. Are you doing what it takes to find and recruit the best medical staff?

Hiring goes beyond salary; social media plays a role

Hiring is not just about pay, although of course you need to offer competitive compensation. Find out how your offers measure up in our eBook, Top Secrets to Hiring, Training, & Retaining an All-Star Medical Staff. We share average annual physician salaries, as well as the average annual salaries for support staff, such as medical assistants and office managers.

The eBook also looks at another important and often-overlooked aspect of the hiring process that makes a huge difference to patients, especially in 2018. We discuss strategies for identifying certain types of job candidates, as well as apps that help review job applicants and the best social media platform for recruiting staff.

Do you know the often-overlooked aspect of staffing that makes a huge difference to patients? Find out in our eBook.

Training to deliver great service to health care consumers

The bad news? You can’t train someone to care about your patients. The good news? If you hire well, you can train your employees to provide excellent customer service. And in today’s world of health care consumers who expect great service and regularly check and post online reviews, that’s a must.

Research shows that training staff in new technologies can boost employee engagement—which recent data shows is at an abysmal 30 percent for U.S. employees. Our eBook shares five ways to get your staff up to speed on technology. And, we show three ways that videos can help staff build empathy—the number-one quality patients look for in a health-care provider.

Our eBook shares five ways to train your staff on technology, boosting employee engagement and easing their workload.

Retaining employees, reducing turnover

Sadly, all the time, energy, and money you spend hiring and training employees is wasted if you can’t retain them. Employee turnover costs employers 33 percent of a worker’s annual salary—or $15,000 for a person earning $45,000 a year, according to HR industry data. More shocking is the fact that a recent study found that 75 percent of the causes of employee turnover are preventable.

While mentoring is important, many employee retention efforts don’t go beyond that. Fostering an inclusive company culture—the “secret sauce” that sets your practice apart from the competition—is also key.

In our eBook, we cover several strategies you can start implementing in your practice right away. We also share five simple and creative ways you can empower your staff, which increases engagement as well.

Turnover can cost employers $15,000+ per year per employee. In our eBook, learn simple strategies you can implement immediately to retain more employees.

In this eBook you’ll also find out:

  •      One of the largest pay discrepancies we uncovered in our research, and how to prevent it in your practice
  •      Creative ways to motivate staff outside of traditional bonus structures
  •      A helpful tool to streamline staff training, improve staff efficiency, and alleviate doctor burnout in your practice


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