Rendia Windows App version 1.2.0


You get more information on the Currently Syncing screen

The sync window now provides more details when syncing especially for assets with multiple language files. You can also cancel a sync by closing the window.

For users with Windows 7 or better, the sync progress is displayed in Rendia’s taskbar icon.

Sorting has been improved

In previous versions, when you sorted items by Type, there wasn’t any order to the assets within each type. Now, items within each type are ordered alphabetically. Also, clicking a sort again will display the assets in reverse order.

Better license management

License activation and deactivation is now handled automatically, saving you from having to call us to clean up your account.

Offline view tracking

As the Rendia suite of applications moves toward a greater support of view tracking information, the Windows app ensures that views are recorded even if the computer is offline at the time. The next time the computer is connected to the internet, it will upload all its tracking data to the cloud.

Bug fixes

  • When you select a Waiting Room Screen from the Display Settings screen, it will be saved correctly.
  • Empty playlists can’t be marked as synced. You wouldn’t want to try to play these anyway!

That’s the Rendia Windows App 1.2.0. We are excited for you to try it. Remember to subscribe to the Rendia newsletter and/or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn so you can always be up to date with our latest content and product updates.

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