Echo for iPads 2.0: Sync, Play, Enjoy


The Echo Favorites app 2.0 for iPad has arrived! The biggest thing you’ll notice is that the new interface “echoes” iOS 7’s flat interface style on the main Favorites screen and within the player. But what about new features? By popular demand, you can now sync all of your Favorites with the touch of a button, right when you login, or at any time thereafter by clicking the refresh button at the top left of the main screen… but if you’re worried about taking up too much space on your iPad, you can turn this feature off in the Settings menu, too. The app will even warn you before it burns through all of your iPad’s storage!

We heard your concerns about licenses getting used erroneously, so we’ve made a lot of backend improvements to ensure that your license count is properly honored, saving you from having to call us to clean up your account. We’ve also made a lot of improvements to the actual syncing process to help safeguard the integrity of the files you’re pulling locally, thus avoiding embarrassing “Unplayable Media” errors.

We know we can’t test every network scenario, but to help with troubleshooting in the event you do experience any issues, we’ve overhauled our logger statements, and made it easy to send this info to our support team from our Settings screen.

Please note that you must update your iPad to iOS 7. If you haven’t already, Apple is on their way to your office now! Please be sure to rate the app in the App Store, and let us know how much you love 2.0!

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