Rendia + Telehealth: Time Savings + 10% Increase in Conversions

Use Exam Mode in your next virtual visit — clearly illustrate the best treatment options

Exam Mode is your digital sketchpad to fly through the anatomy, demonstrate conditions, and show patients how their vision may be impacted. It’s your most powerful tool during virtual visits to ensure patients understand their condition and appropriate treatments.

We recently sat down with Lance Kugler, M.D. of Kugler Vision, to discuss how his practice uses Rendia in telemedicine. Dr. Kugler said, In a telemedicine situation, a 2D physical eye model is not very valuable. It’s more effective to use a tool like Rendia’s Exam Mode that’s optimized for a screen.” 

Dr. Kugler also reported his practice saved an average of 30 minutes on each consultation and saw a 10% increased conversion rate for surgery since switching primarily to telemedicine appointments using Exam Mode.

Even after we get through the the Covid pandemic, it’s a safe bet that telemedicine is here to stay. Now is the time to up your “virtual visit” game.  Request a demo to see how we can save you time and grow your practice.

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“I  truly believe if we were doing private telehealth appointments without Rendia, our conversions would be quite a bit lower. Rendia really shows patients how easy it is.”
–Bret Martin, Business Development Manager, Kugler Vision