The Importance of Measuring Patient Engagement


How to tell if video is working for your practice 

Patient engagement matters. Studies show that patients who are informed about their conditions and involved in their treatment decisions tend to have better health outcomes and lower health care costs. Many doctors and practices have realized this and have leveraged tools and strategies to help patients become more involved in their care. But how do you know if your patient engagement efforts are working? Rendia offers several ways to track this. 

The impact of videos on marketing and conversions

You may already know that video makes your website more engaging and can boost search engine rankings. This is important, since the first step most people take when looking for a new doctor is to go online. Your website is the first impression for most prospective patients, and most won’t click past the first page of search results. 

Surveys show that the pandemic has increased the amount of online video content people watch, with explainer videos in particular being very popular. 

According to data from Wyzowl, a company that has released an annual State of Video Marketing survey every year since 2015, the pandemic has overwhelmingly increased the amount of online video content people watch. And businesses that use video as a marketing tool feel more positive than ever about the return on investment “as it continues to strongly influence traffic, leads, sales, and audience understanding.”

“Explainer videos have seen huge success. An overwhelming majority of people (94%) report watching explainer videos to learn more about a product, with 84% being swayed to make a purchase.” 

This can be seen in medical settings as well. Many practices are putting welcome videos, promotion videos, and even videos that explain common conditions and treatments on their websites and social media pages. Some eye care practices have switched to hybrid appointment models that make use of video to show patients possible outcomes for LASIK or cataract surgery during the virtual portion of the visit. As a result, some have even seen their surgical conversions increase by 10%

Tracking video engagement

But how do you know if patients are engaging with the videos you share online? Rendia can help you track this in a number of ways. There are many different ways to boost patient engagement using Rendia videos besides embedding them on your websites. You can share them on social media and include them in emails to patients, whether it’s a newsletter that goes out to all your patients or individual patient-specific emails. 

Rendia provides users with several tracking tools, including Rendia Stats and Embed Manager, so you can see which channels and videos are generating the most patient engagement.

The Rendia Stats dashboard captures patient engagement metrics for a variety of channels such as embeds, share page links, emails, social shares, etc., so you can see how patients engaged with the videos shown in your waiting room compared to videos shared by email, for example. The Rendia Embed Manager is a tool that allows you to easily embed Rendia content onto your website and also to sort your embedded content by views, page title –– and even last modified date –– so you can view the information in whichever way works best for your practice.

Seeing which videos are viewed the most on your site can help your practice know which topics generate the most patient interest. Knowing the most popular topics will also give you valuable insights if you’re redesigning your website. 

For more information, see our two-part guide: Tips for a Perfect Practice Website and Tips for a Perfect Practice Website: Part 2.


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