Show Patients You Care, Even When You’re Not There


As fall approaches and the days get shorter, it seems like we have to do more with less. At a time when many practices are busy implementing ICD-10, finding ways to improve patients’ experience seems like wishful thinking.

With technology on your side, you can provide better patient care even when you’re not face-to-face with your patients. Send patients home with relevant, engaging information that helps them understand their condition and treatment. By doing so, you give patients a reason to do things like use your patient portal and leave you a positive review.

This September, we have a mix of new videos ranging from Map-Dot-Fingerprint Dystrophy to videos promoting your patient portal and your practice’s Facebook page.

Leave your fingerprint with our map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy video

By popular demand, we’ve created a video on epithelial (or anterior) basement membrane dystrophy to help you explain this condition to patients. Our “Map-Dot-Fingerprint Dystrophy” video explains the multiple layers of the cornea, recurrent corneal erosion, and common symptoms and treatments. The video also covers why this condition could negatively affect LASIK and cataract surgery results.

We appreciate the help of Dr. David Jupiter of Brandywine Eye Center for lending his expertise on this video.

Best for: Chairside explanations or sending home to patients post-visit

How to explain ROP to concerned parents

Delivering difficult news to parents of premature infants is hard. Add to this the complexity of a complicated medical condition, and it’s even harder. We can help you have those conversations with our new video, “Retinopathy of Prematurity.” In it, we explain what’s happening in the baby’s eye and gently emphasize the importance of regular visits with an eye care professional. We’re grateful for the expertise of Krishna Mukkamala of Georgia Retina on this topic.

We recommend: showing this to patients while chairside or sending home with your patients

Publicize your patient portal

Whether your practice is aiming to meet meaningful use requirements or just trying to increase efficiency, getting patients to enroll and use the patient portal can be a challenge. One of the best ways to encourage use is to promote the portal throughout the patient’s visit.

That’s why we created “What’s a Patient Portal?” about the benefits of using the patient portal. With Rendia, you can play this video throughout the patient’s visit and beyond!

Use it: on your website and in your waiting room playlist

Word of mouth to boost your reputation

Make sure you’re using social media to boost your practice’s online reputation. We’ve made two vignettes: “Like us on Facebook” and “Find us on Yelp,” encouraging patients to help spread the word about your practice.

Best for: adding to your waiting room playlist or adding to videos that you email home to patients

Keep patients amused, not confused

While your patients have idle time during their visit, why not stump them with an optical illusion? No, not the dress. Share our fun vignette, “Optical Illusion – Gray Checkerboard” with your patients, and they’ll be talking about you for days.

We recommend: posting on social media or playing in your waiting room


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