Website Videos Now Easier Than Ever with Embed Manager

Website Videos Now Easier Than Ever with Embed Manager


Is your practice in need of a digital spring cleaning? Learn how to manage all of your website videos in one place

Now that spring is in full bloom, it’s the perfect opportunity for that much-needed spring cleaning. A thorough cleanse is a chance to get organized and feel refreshed. Your spring cleaning doesn’t need to be limited to just your home or office—consider a digital cleanup as well.

If you’re like most people, virtual documents are filling up your hard drive and cloud storage. But taking a few steps can make a dramatic difference to simplifying your digital life. Here are some examples of digital spring cleaning:

  • Get rid of unnecessary documents on your hard drive
  • Delete or sort through old downloaded files
  • Reply to emails you’ve been meaning to respond to
  • Unsubscribe from any email lists, or have those emails automatically go into a folder in your email
  • Update your social media profiles or email signature
  • Update your practice website to reflect your latest achievements, new staff, and current products and services you offer


In addition to making your information more secure, cleaning up your digital space makes you more efficient, since it will be easier to find what you need, when you need, quickly. Plus, by bringing your professional brand up-to-date, you put your best face forward.

To help you with your fresh start, Rendia has created a new tool to help customers like you manage your website. With the release of the Embed Manager, managing videos on your website is easier than ever.

What is the Embed Manager?

Rendia’s Embed Manager is a new tool on that lets you see all the videos you have embedded on your website. It shows you what content is on your site, on which pages those videos reside, and how many patients have watched the videos.

Rendia's Embed Manager Screen

The Embed Manager also has a Status column that will show you if you generated embed codes for any videos that aren’t on your website yet. To make it easy for you to get those videos onto your website, we have a new Send to Webmaster button that lets you email the code and instructions directly to your webmaster, right from Rendia.

Want to edit your website yourself? Simply copy the embed code right from the “Code” button.

Example of copying code in Embed Manager

For more ideas on updating your practice’s website, see Do’s and Don’ts for Your Medical Practice Website

How can I benefit from the Embed Manager?

As Rendia’s library is continually growing with new content to keep up with the latest in medical technology, you may want to add new videos to your website. Now, you can simply drag and drop videos to the Embed Manager to generate embed codes for videos you’d like to add to your website.

Example of drag-and-drop functionality in Embed Manager

Already have videos on your website? You can easily swap out content or change the playback style or caption settings right from the Embed Manager’s Settings button. Once you save, the changes will automatically update on your website — without requiring help from your webmaster. In other words, you can make changes with clicks, not code!

Seeing which videos are viewed the most on your site can help your practice know which topics generate the most patient interest. Knowing the most popular topics will also give you valuable insights if you’re redesigning your website. For the data lovers out there, Embed Manager lets you sort by views, page title, and even Last Modified Date, so you can view the information in whichever way works best for your practice.

Having videos on your website that show what conditions you treat and products and services you offer helps build patient confidence in your practice. Plus, videos are more likely to keep visitors on your site for longer, making them more likely to take that next step and schedule an appointment.

For more tips on how to improve your practice website, read our article, 3 Ways to Use Video Content to Improve Website SEO

Fresh site, fresh start

You know the feeling when you open a drawer full of neatly-folded clothes? It’s calming, even delightful…right? Now imagine that you pull a pair of pants out of the drawer and find $20 in the pocket. That’s right—we see your fist pump.

That’s how you’ll feel when you use Rendia’s Embed Manager: the peacefulness of finding all your videos on your site in an organized table, and the joy of finding out how many patients are viewing your videos.

Take a look, and if you have any questions or want to schedule a training on how to get the most out of our newest feature, contact us today.

Can’t get enough metrics on how you’re using Rendia?

We’re also making a brand-new stats dashboard, so you can see behavioral trends among your staff and patients, and see the value Rendia’s bringing to your practice. Customers can sign up for early access at:

Coming Soon! Brand new stats dashboard in Rendia

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