Echo for iPad Apps: IOL Simulator and Vision Simulator


New for Echo Single Pro, Pro, and Enterprise subscribers, the IOL and Vision Simulator iPad Apps are now available in Apple’s App Store.

Echo’s IOL Simulator app is the perfect companion for your exam lane discussions about cataract surgery and your patients’ lens replacement surgery options. Quickly show how cataracts form and how they’re removed, then show comparisons of the various IOL options to help patients visualize the benefits, and make the best decision.


Echo’s Vision Simulator app provides beautiful interactive images that simplify and enhance your patient discussions about general eye health, as well as a variety of common ocular conditions, such as Cataracts, Glaucoma, Dry Eye, and AMD. Easily progress the point-of-view or condition stage with a two-finger swipe, and draw with one finger at any time to annotate your discussions.


Each app employs a split-screen feature to allow you to display various point-of-view perspectives alongside either a close-up condition progression or a 360° view of an IOL. Rotate your iPad between portrait and landscape mode to engage the apps’ split-screen feature.

The new Echo apps are available at no charge to current Echo Professional subscribers. Not sure what your Echo license entitles you to? Please give us a call at 877.321.5481 or email us at [email protected], and be sure to visit for more information, including download links, for the entire suite of Echo apps.

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