Four Essential iPad Apps for Your Eye Care Practice


Technology is constantly evolving in new ways to improve patient education and care, and over the last few years, the Apple iPad has become an invaluable research and communication tool for doctors. It seems “There’s an app for that” isn’t just a clever catchphrase; there are fast, smart and accessible iPad apps that can help you do everything from keeping track of complex calculations to explaining medical conditions and treatments to patients. The only challenge is narrowing down the long list of apps you can use! Here are a few to check out:

Apps to Streamline Your Eye Care Practice

1. Rendia

Rendia is designed to improve patient education in your practice by explaining complex information in a visual and engaging way. Rendia provides high-quality, easy-to-understand videos that illustrate conditions and treatment options.  Rendia’s educational presentations help patients become more informed while reducing the anxiety around conditions and procedures. Have patients browse the Rendia app on an iPad in your waiting room, or display videos on a larger screen for more detailed explanations. With options to share via email and social media, you can now send your patients home with important health explanations and information they can view later with their families.

2. Optometry Vision and Science

Optometry and Vision Science is the official publication of the American Academy of Optometry and has been a resource for optometrists and ophthalmologists for close to 85 years. The iPad app makes it easy for eye care practitioners to stay up to date with research and developments in the areas of physiological optics, optometry and vision science. It offers full-text articles, storage of downloaded issues and multimedia videos, images and supplements.

3. Eye Handbook

Eye Handbook began as a resident project at the University of Missouri Kansas City and now has become a popular app, with more 600,000 downloads and 25,000 active users around the world. It features a large library of resources, including a searchable index of ICD-9 codes, an atlas of ophthalmic images and databases of symptoms and treatments.

4. Optics Clinical Calculator

The Optics Clinical Calculator app is a convenient and helpful tool that contains several calculators used for prescribing lenses and researching optics. Use the iPad app to calculate base curves, convergence, oblique crossed cylinders, vertex distance, slab-off and more, and read the detailed explanations (including clinical notes and formulas) for each calculator. The Review of Optometry selected the Optics Clinical Calculator as a top eye app in March 2012.

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