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Bringing Art Back to Medicine


The silent epidemic of doctor burnout is a serious concern plaguing the U.S. health care system today. The proliferation of mechanical and impersonal processes into health services have come at the cost of doctor-patient relationships. Instead of treating patients, doctors are pressed for time and overworked, leading to widespread cynicism in the profession.

This doctor’s quote from the 2014 Physicians Survey sums it up well:

“Continuing changes in documentation and endless redundant prior authorization forms make me feel as if medicine is becoming a mechanistic exercise with less and less art involved. This may be good, it may be bad, but it is not the profession I entered, so I am leaving. If I wanted a job filling out forms I would have gone into data entry, if I wanted to follow an algorithm for every clinical decision, I would have become a car mechanic or an electrician.”

How can doctors enjoy their jobs more in the face of increasing administrative burden on the healthcare system? One way is by providing great patient care. A 2013 RAND study found that physicians commonly reported higher job satisfaction when they felt they provided high-quality care for their patients.

At Rendia, we are inspired by doctors’ care for their patients. Our goal is to remind doctors why they went into medicine in the first place by bringing art back into medicine. Although we can’t fix all the problems facing the health care system, we can facilitate small changes that ease patients’ concerns and help doctors connect with patients in the exam room and beyond – however they see best.

Keep reading to see some samples of how our latest content can bring more joy into your practice.

Hard to spell, but important to know: pterygium surgery

Your patients with pterygium who are candidates for surgery may have questions about what happens during the procedure and what to expect. That’s why we made this video, “Pterygium Surgery Overview.” We’re grateful for the help of Dr. Peter Davies of Hunter Eye Surgeons for advising us on this piece.

We suggest using it for: chairside explanations and emailing home to patients


Sounds like a good idea

We know that people are often reluctant to get their hearing checked and often dismiss their signs of hearing loss as an inevitable symptom of aging. While hearing loss may appear to patients as just a nuisance, it can actually be more dangerous and isolating that most people realize. Luckily, we’ve made a video on “What to Expect at a Hearing Test” to put prospective patients at ease and encourage anyone with hearing loss symptoms to schedule a test today. We appreciate the help of Dr. Lauren Hadden of The Hearing Center for her guidance on this piece.

Recommended for: adding to your website or playing on social media


Drops no more

Does your practice offer dropless cataract surgery? If so, use our “Dropless Cataract Surgery” video to help patients understand the benefits of being free from a pre- and post-op drop regimen.

Best for: adding to your waiting room playlist and putting on your website.


Meniere’s disease explained

As an ENT doctor or audiologist, you see patients suffering from the collection of symptoms that make up Meniere’s disease. Now, you can share “What is Meniere’s Disease?” with patients to help them understand the role the inner ear plays in both hearing and balance, and how you can help patients find relief.

Best for: exam room explanations and sending home with patients via email


Did you hear about our movie trivia vignettes?

By popular demand, we’ve started adding sound to vignettes, starting with our movie trivia pieces. Take a look (and a listen) to these entertaining pieces – time will fly when patients have this much fun.

We recommend: playing in the waiting area


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