Upgrade your waiting room technology with the Rendia TV stick

What’s on in Your Waiting Room?


Grow your practice from the waiting room with engaging, relevant messages 

Now more than ever, patients are looking to their doctors for trusted health information. As most practices resume routine and elective in-person care, make sure you’re making it worth patients’ time when they come in. To help meet this need, we are excited to give you a sneak-peek of our reimagined, cohesive waiting room TV experience: Rendia TV. Rendia TV makes it easy for practices to fully customize and control how patients experience the waiting room. 

Why Rendia TV?

While wait times between appointments may be inevitable, studies have shown that how long patients wait is not as important to them as the perception of their wait. If they have nothing to do besides watch a cooking show playing on the waiting room TV or peruse some dull brochures, they may become impatient or anxious. 

Before an appointment, 20% of patients are proactively seeking health information. Rendia TV puts their time in the waiting room to good use.

However, 20% of patients said they were proactively seeking health information in the doctor’s waiting room before an appointment. Rendia TV provides that information to patients of all ages and health literacy levels by utilizing Rendia content topics specifically tailored for the waiting room.

How it works

Rendia TV makes it easy to fully customize and control how patients will experience your waiting room. You can set up your stations from our pre-built templates or build your own station from scratch which can include your custom videos. All functionality is controlled from an easy-to-use app, which updates in real-time.

screenshot of Rendia TV app

For instance, you could have a General Waiting Room station with timely content and seasonal promotions (summer safety tips, BOGO prescription sunglasses sale, etc.). If your practice caters to families or pediatric patients, you might have a Fun Stuff station with jokes, trivia, and optical illusions. Or set up a condition-specific station for Cataracts or LASIK, for example.

Create your own Rendia TV stations or choose from our curated stations to select the videos you want to show your patients. 

Creating and customizing a station is as easy as scrolling and clicking to select or deselect specific videos. The Rendia TV Manager connects to the Rendia TV App for Windows in real time to let you control what plays on your screens from anywhere.

Rendia TV app create a new stationAutomate your waiting room experience

We know that practices are busier than ever. You may be dealing with a patient backlog, increased cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and/or trying to do more with less staff. Rendia TV can help by automating and streamlining your waiting room content. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it, either. Screens and stations work together seamlessly within the Rendia TV Manager so that you can “set it and forget it.” Station content is automatically updated to keep it fresh, or you can update it yourself any time you want. Our detailed help articles and tech support representatives will help ensure you get Rendia TV up and running in no time. 

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