Waiting Room Guide

How to Design the Perfect Waiting Room for Patients


Transform your patient waiting area into an experience worth waiting for

What if a few changes to your practice’s waiting room could positively impact your patients’ perception of care, improve satisfaction scores, reduce patient anxiety, and increase referrals?

Believe it or not, your waiting room may have more to do with patients’ overall satisfaction than their medical care.

You may not give your waiting room much thought, but your patients certainly do. Not only that, but they’re sharing their opinions with the world on social media. A quick Twitter search for “doctors waiting room” reveals people complaining about long wait times, uncomfortable surroundings, and a lack of privacy, among other things.

It’s often the first impression patients get of your practice, and they may even spend more time there than in the exam room. At the end of the day, research has shown time and again that your waiting room can make the difference between anxious or relaxed patients and families.

To help you navigate the surprisingly complex do’s and don’ts of medical practice waiting rooms, we’ve combined patient feedback, empirical research, proven best practices, and our own expertise from 17 years in the health care industry into one comprehensive guide.

Our newest eBook – How to Design the Perfect Waiting Room for Patients – will give health care professionals insight into how patients prefer to spend their wait time, secrets of a successful waiting room design, and practical technology and hardware solutions (with a few additional surprises along the way).

With a little creativity and a small investment, you can make your waiting room a pleasant and productive space for your patients.

At the end of the day, you want a waiting room you can be proud to show off to patients. From updating your technology to redesigning your appearance, making changes to your waiting area can mean the difference between saying you care about your patients and showing you do.

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