Web Conversion Optimization for Your Practice


Blog post taken from the Eyemaginations Premium Webinar Series with presenter Michael Dobkowski, Founder of Glacial Multimedia Inc

So what is conversion optimization?

A conversion is the specific action that you want the web visitor to take on your website or landing page. This action could be a few things: fill out an info request, download a white paper, opt-in to email, register for a webinar, refer a friend, make a phone call, click to chat, self test, etc. When one these actions is achieved, it becomes a conversion.

Conversion optimization is about getting your website’s traffic more engaged so that they can interact with your business. And that, to me, is the essential component. You want to get visitors engaged and interacting with your business, and you need to have a dedicated and internal process that will help to foster that.

Here are a few tips on increasing conversion optimization:

  1. Craft powerful headlines.
    Offer free reports in exchange for an e-mail address perhaps.
  2. Enlarge your action buttons.
    Make your buttons viewable, check your calls to actions, and test them in Google Analytics.
  3. Make sure your homepage copy is compelling.
    I think it’s wise to use persuasive copy on the homepage with maybe get a few keywords in the mix, but you definitely want you’re the copy to be compelling. In my opinion, I think that search engine algorithms are moving more towards rewarding sites for proper content and not necessarily having the most keywords sprinkled throughout the homepage. At least I see it moving in that direction—whether they become effective at doing that is a different story.
  4. Reduce form fields to the essentials.
    Don’t ask for information that you don’t need.
  5. Utilize Facebook applications so that you get as much as you can out of it.
    Facebook can be extremely viral, and if done appropriately, you can really increase your likes and the number of people downloading your application. You can then post things freely on Facebook pages and broadcast yourself.
  6. Create a newsletter offer.


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