No Excuses! Four Reasons Your Practice Should Be On Social Media


Are you leveraging social media in your practice? As of September 2013, the Pew Internet Research Foundation found that 73 percent of online adults use social networking sites. That number represents a substantial market that every practice should access.

Four ways creating a social media presence can benefit both you and your patients:

  1. It provides an avenue for a doctor to provide patients with the latest practice-specific news such as inclement weather closings, events around the office, new hires, and background information about the doctors.
  2. By putting your practice on social platforms, you create an opportunity to supply your followers with correct health care information. Using social networking sites to educate patients about their health ensures they are viewing the latest and most accurate information from a trusted source. Eyemaginations’ latest patient education platform, Echo, even allows you to share videos directly from its program and track how many people are viewing the information you share, giving insight into the success of these videos on your page.
  3. Using social media demonstrates that your practice is modernizing and keeping up-to-date with evolutions in the market. As society embraces the online world more and more, it is important you show you can keep up with the times and remain relevant.
  4. Finally, creating a social media profile personalizes the doctor-patient relationship. Sharing photos from around the practice and providing surveys or tips demonstrates to your patients that you are thinking about them not just when they are in the office but outside of your practice as well.


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