New Years Resolutions for the Health Care Professional


It is 2014, and there is no better time to examine your workflow. A new year means a new opportunity to promote an environment of practice efficiency and patient understanding. Need some help setting some goals for 2014?

Here are some New Years resolutions for the health care professional:
  • Don’t just examine your patients- connect with them. Just by improving the way you interact with patients, you will increase the likelihood of patient recall. You want your patient to leave your office in a positive frame of mind.
  • Take a look at your office space, your social media platforms, your forms. A new year is the perfect occasion to update your business to make it more current and attractive.
  • Are you using your technology to its full advantage? Benefit from training and support to ensure you are using all your systems to their maximum potential. If you are paying for a service, verify that everyone in the office knows how to use it and motivate them to use it daily.
  • Check out what is new in 2014. There is a huge incentive for companies to push forth new technology and ideas in a new year. Stay updated and lookout for special new year promotions.
  • Volunteer more. While maximizing profit is always important, so is giving back to your community. This not only shows your patients a more personal side but will also improve how you feel about your role in health care.
  • Branch out from your everyday professional routine. Consider additional certifications or explore new specialties. Expand and increase your general knowledge. This will boost your marketability and benefit your career in the long term. Don’t forget to update your resume to reflect any additional qualifications or achievements from the past year.
  • Don’t make resolutions simply on the individual level, consider implementing practice-wide resolutions. If possible, hold a staff meeting to set out some new year goals for the entire office to accomplish. By doing this, everyone has personal responsibility in the completion of a goal.
  • Finally, examine the resolutions you set last year. How many did you accomplish? Why did some falter and some reach fruition? Just by taking a step back and understanding past goals, you can make the best of current goals and ensure that you are setting resolutions that will succeed.

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