Guess What Matters to Your Patients?


Jobson Optical Research surveyed nearly 5,000 patients and reported:

“When asked about what is most important in the doctor’s office, an overwhelming 88.9 percent said that it is very or somewhat important that the doctor’s office utilizes the latest technology and equipment.” –Jobson Optical Research Dec. 2012 report “The Waiting Game.” Technology ranked significantly more important than office hours, web presence, or ability to book appointments online.

With that being said, do you think the average patient will be able to identify the latest retinal camera, for example, as easily as they can spot the latest iPhone? Doubtful. Do they know what a tonometer is? Probably not. Most patients likely can’t define what “the latest technology and equipment” is, but they want to feel like they are in a high-tech practice and feel confident that their doctor invests in the best tools. So how can you create this perception among patients?

We think education is key. Tell your patients about your services! Take advantage of time spent in the waiting area, practice marketing area, to share quick educational and promotional messages about your diagnostic tools and treatment options – whether you offer Optomap, MacuScope, OCT scanning, TearLab testing, Ortho-k, or other technologies, you must inform your patients. Echo is a great way to easily educate patients and put your practice in the best light, so that patients walk out of the appointment feeling like their doctor uses the latest and greatest technology and equipment. Sign up for a free two-week trial to see Echo in action!

Now we’d like to hear from you. How do you promote technologies within your practice? Do your patients ever ask for tests or products by name?

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