cameramen recording scenes for eyewear shoot

Wearing and Caring for Your Glasses: Behind the Scenes


Although we are best known for our animated videos, sometimes it makes sense to record live-action video. For example, when modeling instructions, watching someone else do it first is extremely powerful. Live action video adds that human element, which is ideal when we’re showing a behavior. In contrast, we avoid live video when explaining surgical procedures to keep viewers focused on the explanation, rather than the feeling.

When we received requests from our customers to create a video instructing patients about wearing and caring for glasses, our art team suggested doing a video shoot. We’ve done this before with some of our contact lens videos, which received positive feedback. After speaking with expert opticians like Lacey Morgan of Mielcarek Eye Center, we realized that a real-life video was essential in order for new eyeglass wearers to have the best experience.

Get a sneak peek behind the scenes of our new videos, “Getting Used to Progressive Lenses”, and “How to Clean Your Glasses”. These videos are ideal for emailing home to patients or putting on your website as a resource.

Planning for the shoot

We first researched what it takes to get used to wearing progressive lenses and how to clean glasses. From there, our artists created a storyboard, and started planning the scenes for the shoot.

sketched storyboard of scenes for the shoot

Looking the part was key. We made sure our talent looked like someone who might wear progressive lenses. We made him try on about 10 pairs of glasses until we found the perfect style.

applying powder on the actor


Getting just the right feel for the video was tricky. By the time we got the desk space set up just so, our actor had written a short novel.

office scene where he is typing on a laptop wearing glasses

When the sun went down, we got creative in order to keep the natural sunlight feel. Our cinematographers used principles of light, reflection, and shadows in order to create the look – some of which they learned over the years making animations about vision.

cameraman filming over the shoulder of talent, with lights

Even the bananas made a guest appearance. They knew what products you should and should not use on your lenses…do you? (Answers in our video at the end of this article!)

bananas wearing glasses, with glass cleaner and cloth held nearby

As if wearing new glasses wasn’t hard enough, we added the challenge of filming while walking down stairs. However, this was one of the key scenes for our shoot, since stairs are one of the trickiest things to master as a new progressive lens wearer.

image from our video, showing stairs from the perspective of the actor, looking down at his shoes

We managed to capture some great footage outside too, despite some lingering snow on the ground. This was important in order to show different lifestyle scenarios to convey the idea of wearing progressive lenses all day long.

Cameramen filming actor walking out of the house
The final cut

Check out the final versions of the two videos, now available in Rendia.



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