Four Ways to Improve Your Practice Reputation


Guest blog post by Dr. Scot Morris, OD, FAAO Eye Consultants of Colorado.

How do you find a new doctor? A new dentist? A plumber? A landscaper?

Of course you ask around first. You ask your friends about their experiences and who they recommend. And even in this current day of social media, websites, and DTC marketing, the best referral source is still happy patients.

So how do you develop a reputation as THE place to go for vision care?

Let’s talk about four ways briefly:

  1. The Right Philosophy. It starts at the top. Is the doctor or owner friendly, caring and efficient? Does the staff convey the same feeling?
  2. Community Service. Do you have a presence in the community? Do you volunteer your time or services for charity events? What has been your best promotional or community event you have hosted or supported?
  3. Quality Products. We all have to be cost effective, but we also have to provide quality products at a great value. What is the best product you use?
  4. Exceptional Customer Service. I put this one last but it is really first, last and everything in the middle.

So what is your best customer service tip? Let the debate begin.

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