Rendia’s Outcome Simulator 2.0

Envision Better Outcomes

Despite best efforts, most patients are uncertain about how much their vision will improve until they actually undergo cataract or refractive surgery. Outcome Simulator changes the patient experience by letting patients test-drive post-surgical vision in a realistic way.

With Outcome Simulator:

Boost confidence, reduce anxiety and improve premium conversions

Articulate the benefits of advanced IOLs to help patients envision what their experience will be, reducing uncertainty and helping patients say yes.

Set realistic expectations and test the patient's tolerance for dysphotopsia

Walk patients through halos, glare, starbursts, and acuity at near, intermediate and far tasks to prevent future dissatisfaction.

Boost your reputation as a world-class practice

Customize treatments to reflect your armamentarium and preferred terminology. You can even tailor results to each patient, providing an experience worth talking about.
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