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Our Story

Our name “Rendia” is inspired by the real conversations doctors have with patients every day. It represents the moment of comprehension when a beautifully rendered visual transforms complex clinical information into meaningful and memorable insight.

We are a SaaS company delivering the most comprehensive patient engagement software for practitioners in eye care and ENT, with 20 years of experience creating engaging animations.

Our in-house art team’s creativity, precision, and fascination with anatomy mean we create state-of-the-art animations and entertaining videos that patients and doctors love.

Our customers and partners are:

Thoughtful Forward-thinking Progressive Industry leaders Passionate Innovative Tech-savvy Motivated Successful Influential Understanding Caring 

Your Story

  • Create Custom Video— tell your brand’s story, whether that’s provider education, a mechanism of action video, an investor presentation, or clinical trial recruitment
  • License our Content— leverage our robust content library for television segments, marketing campaigns, employee training, and more
  • Reach your Audience— add your messages to our network of 8,000 providers to reach patients at the point of care
  • Build a Branded Platform— deploy Rendia as a practice development initiative, providing decision support tools and helping doctors create efficiency within the care team

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Mark Rosenberg

“Rendia has been consistent in taking customer direction and feedback throughout the creative process to illustrate the features and benefits of our products in an aesthetically beautiful fashion.”

Josh Anderson, Global Director, Surgical Retina, Alcon Laboratories, Inc.