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Why Rendia TV?

Quick and Easy Set Up

Rendia TV’s plug-and-play format makes it easy to get content up and running in your practice sooner. Once the Rendia TV App is installed on your preferred Windows device, simply pair your screen to your account and get started in just 10 minutes or less.

Curated Content Stations

Customize Rendia TV stations to show patients what sets your practice apart from the rest. Set up stations from our pre-built templates, or build your own from scratch to include custom uploads or even promote desired treatments and vendors.

Real-Time View

View all of your Rendia TV screens from one place to see what’s playing throughout your practice, or even across multiple office locations. Change content out on-the-fly or push changes to existing stations and watch your screens update in real-time.

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We’re passionate about helping practices engage with their patients. That’s why Rendia TV is designed to streamline how you educate patients at the point of care. Introduce relevant conditions and treatments to patients while they wait to cut down on confusion, create confidence, and lead to more efficient exam room discussions.

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Introducing Rendia TV

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