"Rendia videos are made for anyone and everyone to understand. They don't scare patients but still provide lots of thorough information."

Highlight Risks and Warning Signs

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the U.S., yet a recent study found that most patients believe managing their glaucoma is too much of a hassle. Rendia helps providers visually simulate the risks of ignoring a glaucoma diagnosis, while demonstrating treatments that help manage their condition.

Demonstrate Complex Components

Simplified education pre and post-appointment ensures that patients absorb essential information in confusing or even scary times. Meet your patients in moments like these with simplified explanations of IOP, narrow angles, disc cupping, and more. Find countless videos, simulations, and animations accessible anywhere with Rendia.

Emphasize Importance of Treatment Adherence

Demonstrating the underlying pathology of glaucoma motivates patients to prioritize treatment. Rendia's library is full of memorable, high-quality visuals that ensure patients understand both the physical and economic impacts of glaucoma. Send patients home with indispensable explainer videos and send recurring follow-up appointment reminders with Rendia.

The Glaucoma Care Journey with Rendia

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