Rendia helps 8,000+ doctors simplify Dry Eye counseling by identifying current patients, promoting tests & treatments, and improving treatment adherence. It all leads to happier patients and doctors. 

Identify Additional Patients

Up to 90% of dry eye patients are undiagnosed or not in treatment - which means marketing internally to your current patients will surface countless candidates. Use our explainer videos to identify unknowing DED patients in your waiting room and digitally reach inactive patients.

Explain Tests and Treatments

Unwind misconceptions and calm frustrated patients by demonstrating your empathy for DED. Rendia's explainer videos and interactive eye tool help patients visualize the anatomy and understand what's going on and how treatment works.

Treatment Adherence 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. When patients truly understand the underlying causes of dry eye and the importance of their treatment plan, they stick with it. That's why our doctors see greater understanding, higher adherence, and increased patient satisfaction.

Rendia is the industry leader in fueling practice growth. Take a peek.

Rendia has increased the number of dry eye evaluations and treatments - it's one of the best tools I learned about after attending Dry Eye University! It is quite simply the easiest and most efficient way to educate a patient in the office or at home with the ability to email patients. 

Dr. Sundip Patel

Lone Star Vision Associates

Take a peek at some of our customers' favorite Dry Eye explainer videos. 

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Rendia has really been a game changer with communication in the exam room. Any practice that utilizes it changes not only the dynamic of the conversation, but just how quickly they can get the patient understanding without having to walk through traditional methods we've used in the past. 

Dr. David Landess

VisionPoint Care Center

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The Dry Eye Roadmap with Rendia

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Share dry eye disease videos to unwind misconceptions about the cause of their dry eye. Send patients home with explainer videos to remind them of the next steps. Use Rendia videos on social media, emails, and your website to spark the dry eye disease conversation. Help patients understand tear flow, meibomian glands, & why OTC over-the-counter drops aren't enough. Rendia improves patient adherence while boosting practice growth.