"With just one converted patient, I've already seen a return on my investment in Rendia." 

Increase Awareness

Post-operatively, 75% of cataract surgical patients wish they had surgery sooner. Better patient education increases confidence and helps patients book procedures faster. Our doctors find that sharing short, easy-to-understand Rendia videos with new and existing patients improves comprehension, confidence, and follow-through.

Highlight Advanced IOLs

Show your patients the vast difference between each IOL and how it will impact their vision after surgery. For example, simulate what their vision will look like with various options: Monofocol vs. EDOF vs. Trifocal IOLs.  

Improve Post-Op Results

For many people, surgery causes stress, which limits their ability to think, process, and retain new information. We make it easy to integrate memorable, high-quality, visual patient education into every step of the care journey. That's why our doctors see greater understanding, higher adherence, and increased patient satisfaction. 

Browse through some of our doctors' favorite Cataract explainer videos.

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"With just one converted patient, I've already seen a return on my investment in Rendia."